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All piercings are performed with a single use, sterile needle and the prices below include polished titanium jewellery. Other jewellery options are available, price dependent on what you choose! We can also remove and change piercings and offer advice - even if your piercing wasn't done at The Studio. Please contact us for an appointment. 

Single Lobe             £25

Lobes Pair               £40

Helix                        £30

Flat                          £30

Rook                        £30

Daith                        £30

Industrial                  £40

Snug                        £30

Conch                      £30

Tragus                      £30

Surface Tragus         £35

Forward Helix           £30


Eyebrow                    £40

Nose                         £35

Lip                            £40

Ashley                      £40

Vertical Lip               £40

Medusa/Monroe       £40

Smiley                      £35

Tongue                     £50

Navel                        £40

Nipple                       £40

Double Nipple           £70

Septum                     £40

Micro Dermal            £40

Dahlia x2                  £70

Bridge                       £50

Surface                     £40


Aftercare                   £15



ϟ You must be aged 16+ to have a piercing with us at The Studio, unless you have parental consent. ID may be requested.

ϟ All children must be accompanied by a consenting adult and be aged 5 and over to have an ear lobe piercing with us at The Studio.


ϟ Due to space and privacy, we reserve the right to ask additional spectators to wait in reception whilst the piercing is being done, unless discussed with Cara prior to the appointment. 

ϟ We do not perform piercings below the waist. If there is a piercing you can't see on our price list - please get in touch.

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